Our Distinctive Offerings

Technologically Advanced Learning
1:1 Technology Integration: Embracing the future, we have implemented a 1:1 technology initiative
using laptops and iPads for students from kindergarten through high school. This ensures that our
students are well-equipped with the skills necessary for a tech-driven world.

Academic Rigor and Support

Dual Credit and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: Our commitment to academic excellence is evident
through the offering of dual credit courses and Advanced Placement courses. This enables our students
to not only graduate with a strong academic foundation but also earn college credits while in high

Strong Academic and Extracurricular Programs: Lewis Cass is proud to boast of strong academic
programs alongside outstanding extracurricular activities such as Band, FFA, Choir, and Robotics. Our
students have the opportunity to engage in a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks and

Proud Tradition and Identity

Home of the Kings: Lewis Cass Schools proudly carry the title of the Home of the Kings, and we are the
only school in the state with the King Mascot. Our students, staff, and community take immense pride in
being part of the Lewis Cass family.

Athletic Excellence:  In addition to academic achievements, our athletic programs are renowned. We
believe in nurturing not only the minds but also the physical well-being of our students through various
sports programs.

Join the Lewis Cass Family

Becoming a Lewis Cass Student: To become a part of the Lewis Cass legacy, simply visit our website and
click on the transfer student application under Forms and Links. Alternatively, you can register at any of
our schools during normal business hours. If you wish to explore our facilities, feel free to stop in or call
for a guided tour.

Thank you for choosing Lewis Cass as your school of choice. We look forward to welcoming you to our
community where excellence, innovation, and tradition converge to create a truly exceptional
educational experience.