To create a challenging learning environment that provides opportunities that help motivate and encourage all our students to become lifelong learners. The alternative learning that STEM education offers will help to maximize individual potential, develop personal strengths, and ensure students are well-equipped to meet the challenges they face in the world around them, and to prepare them for their future.


To engage every student and family with high-quality education to help raise awareness of how the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) affect  our everyday lives and to prepare students for future careers in STEM-related fields.

To foster curiosity, ingenuity and creativity by providing a variety of hands-on learning experiences throughout the school year that are related to the four specific  disciplines of STEM all of which emphasize the application of knowledge to real-life situations.

To enhance key skills in students such as initiative, critical thinking, adaptation, collaboration, problem solving, resiliency, leadership, and communication.