The Lewis Cass STEM MakerSpace can provide our students with an exciting opportunity to investigate science, technology, engineering and math; however, student safety is our main concern during all STEM activities. In order to maintain a safe working environment for all staff and students, these safety guidelines must be followed at all times.  

Safety Guidelines:

  1.  All students will be trained on the use of all tools, equipment and safety procedures and will take a test to   measure understanding of these safety guidelines. Each student must earn a score of 100% on the safety   test before being allowed to participate in the MakerSpace.
  2.  Always follow safety guidelines as well as all written and verbal instructions carefully. 
  3.  Report any accidents, no matter how minor, to a staff member immediately. 
  4.  Safety gear will be worn at all times when conducting an experiment. This may include safety glasses,   gloves, aprons, etc. Students may not work in the STEM MakerSpace unless a staff member is present, and   all activities must be done under the supervision of an appropriate staff member. 
  5.  Must have staff approval to use any equipment, tools, and materials and each must be used as instructed.
  6.  Appropriate behavior is expected at all times (no running/pushing/yelling/fighting, etc). Always     respect other students and their work while in the Makerspace.
  7.  No food, drink, or gum allowed in the Makerspace. 
  8.  Keep your work area organized and clean after activities. Put all materials/tools back in storage areas   after use.
  9.  Open-toed shoes/sandals, loose-fitting clothing, and dangling jewelry are not permitted during         STEM  Lab activities. Long hair must be tied back securely during all activities. No backpacks are   allowed in the MakerSpace.

MakerSpace Safety Guidelines Safety Contract – A downloadable copy of the safety guidelines is attached to this link. (Print, sign and return to school.)