The Indiana Department of Education and the Office of School Accountability & Accreditation congratulates Lewis Cass high school for their 2016-17 A-F school performance! Lewis Cass high school has received the status of a Performance Qualified High School for the 2018-19 school year. The Performance Qualified High School program is in state statute.

In order to be eligible for the performance qualified program, a high school must receive an A for the previous school year. A high school remains designated as a qualified high school until it either receives a C or lower for one school year, or receives a B or lower for two consecutive school years.

IC 20-30-2-2 requires that the instructional day for grades 7-12 consist of at least 6 hours of instructional time. However, a school that is eligible for the performance qualified high school program may exercise some flexibility around these instructional time requirements.

IC 20-24.2-4-2 provides that a performance qualified high school does not have to provide 180 student instructional days so long as the total number of instructional minutes provided in a school year meets the required timeframe.

For grades 7-12 that looks like 64,800 minutes of required instructional time (6 hours * 180 days = 1080 hours * 60 minutes = 64,800 minutes)

The Department is also working on a way for your high school to indicate that you will be using the performance qualified flexibility. Guidance will be forthcoming from the Office of School Accountability before you have to set your school calendar up for the 2018-19 school year in DOE-Online.

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Adam Mastrucci
Accreditation Specialist
Office of School Accountability & Accreditation