Deadline to sign up is September 3rd

Lewis Cass Schools is using Worth Ave. Group for laptop insurance offering. Worth Ave. Group is offering a special discount to students   to insure the school-issued MacBooks. Insurance with Worth Ave. Group will protect the device against: Accidental Damage, Theft, Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters, Power Surge and Vandalism. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage and will protect the item worldwide (on and off school grounds). The policy is also transferable to a replacement unit.


How does it work?

Click the Buy Online Now link above to  enrollment form above by clicking the Buy Online Now button.  Pay online with the listed on the form. If one of the covered losses occurs the student will bring it to the technology department and we will submit a claim with the insurance number you provide from Worth Ave. Group. This covers the full year of unlimited coverage for losses covered under the insurance agreement.