FAQ for eLearning 3/16 to 3/20
  1. What will teachers be using for distance eLearning?
    1. Currently CANVAS
    2. Google Meet and Microsoft Whiteboard for extended eLearning days
  2. For technical issues with your device or software call technology at the number or email below?
    1. Please submit a student tech ticket, click here.
    2. If the internet is not available, call (574) 626-3030
  3. When will technology be available?
    1. 8:00 – 6:00pm weekdays at  (574) 626-3030
  4. What if a student device breaks? Where does it go and to whom?
    1. Please call us at (574) 626-3030 before coming in. We may be able to fix your issue over the phone. If it cannot be fixed over the phone we will give you further instructions on where to turn your device and get a loaner device.
  5. How can we ensure staff and students can use wifi from the parking lot?
    1. Wifi will be available to students in the parking lot between elementary and high school.
    2. Please use this as a last resort and please stay in your vehicle.
  6. What if I do not have the internet?
    1. Students must be on the no internet list
    2. Student eLearning paper packets will be distributed on Tuesday, March 17th?
    3. Distribute Tuesday, March 17th in the a.m. by bus drivers
    4. Pick up Friday, March 20th in the afternoon by bus drivers
  7. When is eLearning due?
    1. All student eLearning digital and paper packets will be due on Friday, March 20th.
  8. How will we count attendance?
    1. Turned in work, counts as present
  9. What does my child’s eLearning look like for March 16th – March 20?
    1. Monday – Thursday will be normal eLearning
    2. Friday – Will be make-up / Remediation if needed