Due to community concerns and COVID, Lewis Cass Schools hit the pause button on the latest bond initiative. This bond is necessary to make upgrades and repairs to our facilities and grounds. Unfortunately, COVID is not going away as fast as we like, and our repairs are becoming more imperative by the day. Our only solution is to move forward with this bond.

The school board and administration have listened to the public over the past six months, and we made several changes to the bond design. Currently, we are looking at major repairs only and are only making minor changes to athletics. However, we still need more input to ensure we are making the appropriate changes and repairs to our facilities and grounds with the full support of our community.

First, we need to establish a core group of stakeholders that will represent our community. These individuals will review the revised bond recommendations along with the upgrades and repairs needed. They will have input with and address concerns in regards to designs, recommendations, and expenditures. Furthermore, these stakeholders will communicate with the community about the scope of the project.

This core group will meet periodically for a few weeks to first establish and prioritize the needs of the entire corporation. Once these priorities have been determined, we will then have the schools and other facilities open to the public to review the changes being proposed. Ultimately, we will have public forums to present and discuss the proposed changes with our community.

Meetings will start the first week in January and will conclude by February 8th. There will be approximately five (5) meetings to discuss the project needs, costs, designs, timelines, and recommendations. To ensure that each core member is well informed and understands the needs and project costs, attending no less than four of the five meetings is required. Meetings will start at approximately 6:00 pm and conclude by 8:00 pm, and a light dinner will be provided. We will have notes for each meeting and will post them for your convenience (PENDING COVID RESTRICTIONS).

Covid-19 Precautions: To ensure the safety of the group, social distancing measures will be in place during the meetings as well as other cleaning and Covid-19 related practices.

If you would like to be a member of the core group, please click on the link or go to our website www.lewiscass.net and fill out the form. Please read the form prior to filling it out in order to help determine if you are available for the required meeting dates and times. If we receive more than twelve (12) applicants, we will have a lottery drawing to determine the core group. Please sign up by midnight, January 4, 2021. Thank you in advance for your support of Lewis Cass Schools. The form can be found here.


Dr. Tim Garland